Tesla Model S and X Coat Hooks, EV Hooks

EV Hooks

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T-Hooks for Model S (set of 2)

The T-Hooks are sleek, functional aluminum coat hooks for the Tesla Model S. Comes with two (2) per order. Model X now available!

$29.99 USD

EV Hooks has created sleek, functional coat hooks for the best electric vehicles on the road, the Tesla Model S and Model X. The hooks are designed to hang coats and other garments either using a hanger or the attached loop. The Model X hooks can also accommodate purses and small bags.

The T-Hooks are made from high grade aluminum to ensure optimal strength and maintain a slim profile that blends in well with the vehicle decor. Each order comes with two (2) hooks. Model S hooks available in black and silver. Model X hooks available in black only.