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Multi-purpose T-Hooks for Model X(set of 2)

$34.99 USD

The T-Hooks for the Model X are designed to seamlessly fit within the interior of the Tesla Model X and allow owners to hang their coats, shirts and other garments, as well as purses. Each order comes with two (2) hooks. Please note that these hooks can be used with the Model S only if equipped with the new premium seats with the adjustable headrest (Early 2017 to Present).

Design & Material:

Anodized aluminum finish with smooth edges and fits flush with the interior of the Model X. Designed to match the aluminum accents in the vehicle. Available in black only.


5/8 inch hanging area which provides enough space for multiple hangers.

Use and Loading: 

Designed to distribute hanging load evenly. Maximum load is approximately 6 lbs (2.5 kg) per hook.

Installation and Fitting:

*We have added adhesive padding to all orders to ensure hooks do not slide out while driving*

Slip into headrest of the front passenger or driver seat. Adjust fitment by tightening anchor area with hands if required. See pictures for more information. Installation video coming soon. The T-Hooks for the Model X are removable and are recommended for use only when there are no passengers seated in the back seats (second row). This is to avoid injury in the event of an accident. 

Designed and manufactured in North America.

Payment & Shipping:

Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Paypal available as payment options. Shipping to USA, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia available. Request shipping to your region by contacting 


Patent Pending

Interested in larger group orders or becoming a distributor? Email for further details 

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